DUX est la solution la plus simple pour la surveillance d'examen en ligne.

Reduce the stress of the exams


Many students need support when completing an exam. Thanks to DUX, you will be able to exchange privately with your students, via video, and answer their questions and concerns.


Every student will have to identify himself/herself before the exam begins. He or she will receive a unique, non-shareable URL.


Our dedicated team will answer your questions throughout the process.

Customized functionalities


The camera recording allows the student to be identified at the beginning of the exam and ensures that he or she remains in front of their station throughout the exam.


All noises are recorded at all times to ensure that the student is alone in the room.


All the student's actions are recorded: keyboard keys, mouse and separate monitors.


You can allow only certain applications or websites, such as dictionaries, Wikipedia, etc.


You create the exam

You can create your exam directly on our platform or our team can integrate it for you

You send the exam

Each student will receive a unique URL to access the exam at the time you decide.

You monitor the exam

In real time, or off-line, you are able to monitor the students who are taking the exam. Once completed, you receive a report on each student's compliance with the established guidelines, as well as their exam paper.


DUX allows me to significantly reduce the
risks of plagiarism at the source. Moreover, no matter where the student is located, I can accompany him/her and answer his/her questions in private. With DUX, our students are less stressed during online exams and therefore do better. In the end, that is why we teach: to enable our students' success. – Martin Pichette, Teacher

Martin P.


A team passionate about education


Marc-André Smith

Marc-André is a school principal since 2014. He integrates digital technology for learning and is a real enabler. He sees school as a large learning community focused on the success of each student.

Responsable des opérations

Maxime Couture

Maxime is a communications specialist, particularly in the field of education. He is involved in the school council of his son Arnaud's school.


Sophie Villeneuve

Sophie is an entrepreneur who has worked in political cabinets at both the federal and provincial levels. She founded three technology companies. Above all else, she is the mother of an 8-years-old and a 4-year-old full of energy.
8 ans et d’une petite tornade de 4 ans.

Let’s keep it simple

Individual price

$ 5 per test
  • Regressive rate according to the number of learners
  • Automated surveillance of the exam
  • Detailed report for each student

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